About the Organization

Interest among Gentile Christians in the Hebraic/ Jewish Roots of Biblical Faith has been growing in the Asia Pacific region for the last 15 years, at least. Japan Messianic Fellowship has been functioning all over Japan for almost 10 years. In the Philippines, BIBAK Bible Fellowship and congregations that came from it have been moving slowly in this direction for more than 15 years and recently some in other areas of the islands. Some in Singapore have been moving this way for the last 3 years, as well as some in Indonesia.

Some in these congregations are curious about the others and would like to meet them. Therefore the idea came to proclaim an Asia Pacific Messianic Fellowship. The term "Messianic" is used because the various categories of Christians do not seem to be on the foundation of the Hebraic/Jewish Roots of Biblical Faith.

At present we are aware of Messianic Believers in Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Thailand, and many in Israel. We are confident that there are some in many other countries in the Asia Pacific region. As information circulates, more will become known, and more will become Messianics as they learn the Bible in its original Hebraic/ Jewish setting.

In August 2010, APMF received their formal incorporation with the Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission as APMF Philippines, Inc. The current APMF-RP Officers are: Dave Angiwan, Ted Franco, Joel Cruz, Amos Baucas, and Mario Meneses

About Roger Walkwitz, APMF Founder

Roger Walkwitz taught chemistry at Bryan College in Dayton, TN where he met and married Naomi, who was a student. They came to the Philippines in 1958 as Bible teaching missionaries. Their 3 sons were born in Manila. The call of the LORD was specific for them to go to the various tribes in the mountains of Northern Luzon, Philippines. They began by living in Banaue, Ifugao Province, learning culture and language, teaching Bible, and developing local leadership. After 9 years, they moved to Baguio City to do the same, primarily to college students from other tribal areas. In September 1971 the BIBAK Bible Fellowship was formed. BIBAK is an acronym for the Benguet, Ifugao, Bontoc, Apayao, and Kalinga tribal groupings. Roger took his retirement in 1993, but continues active teaching Bible, especially the Hebraic/Jewish Roots of Biblical Faith, mostly in the Asia Pacific region. More information can be found at their web site: www.walkwitz.com/roger

Roger's book, According to Roger (2nd Edition), is available on Amazon.